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dark-alone [userpic]
Tokyo Ghoul
by dark-alone (dark_alone)
at August 23rd, 2014 (04:48 pm)
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So if you haven't figured out or heard yet, Konitan is in Tokyo Ghoul as Amon Kōtarō.
Unfortunately he isn't on Team Ghoul though.


Tokyo Ghoul is currently airing on Thursdays (or at least that's the day I get to see it)

ps: we appear to have no header image. something to fix at some point, it would seem.

dark-alone [userpic]
I'm really so sorry
by dark-alone (dark_alone)
at January 27th, 2014 (09:25 pm)
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I'm a bad bad bad mod.

Anyways if you didn't already know Konitan is in KILL la KILL as Kinagase Tsumugu


dark-alone [userpic]
Hello Hello!
by dark-alone (dark_alone)
at May 7th, 2013 (10:48 pm)

So sorry for the lack of anything posted here.
Anyways Konitan is in 2 new roles this season. So I thought I'd let everyone no about them

First off is Pinion in Suisei no Gargantia:

Pinion has been in it for the start.

Next is Ohika in Arata:

He's first appearance is episode 5. Not sure how long he'll be it, but it was a nice surprise to hear him. ^^

aineverknew [userpic]
Seiyuu Appreciation Post!
by aineverknew (aineverknew)
at August 12th, 2012 (09:55 pm)


aineverknew [userpic]
Koni-tan (late) Birthday Post
by aineverknew (aineverknew)
at April 23rd, 2012 (06:52 pm)

It might be a late post, but at least it's better than never.





aineverknew [userpic]
Seiyuu Valentines Love Meme
by aineverknew (aineverknew)
at February 14th, 2012 (03:46 pm)

Seiyuu Valentines Love Meme

aineverknew [userpic]
Sharing some Koni-tan GIFS
by aineverknew (aineverknew)
at September 27th, 2011 (08:51 pm)

EDIT: Added 9 animated icons

Hi! Sharing some Koni-tan GIFS! :) Specially made by me. XD

 --> here <--

kuromi3 [userpic]
Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi
by kuromi3 (kuromi3)
at April 16th, 2011 (10:47 pm)

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hello everyone just joined today cuz I am a huge fan. It seems quiet so please excuse my fangirl moment  ^_^
Loving Konishi san as Masamune in Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi. I mean i listened to the drama Cds, but anime is my first love and I love this!!!

dark-alone [userpic]
2011 Appearances
by dark-alone (dark_alone)
at January 12th, 2011 (10:18 am)

current mood: happy
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Beelzebub as Oga Tatsumi

sadly i don't think i'll be watching this series. But maybe some of you will.

Also Happy New Year Konitan fans!

makai_thief [userpic]
Unverified news?
by makai_thief (makai_thief)
at August 15th, 2010 (03:41 pm)

Could anyone verify the news that Konitan is the voice actor for Oga from the upcoming anime Beelzebub? I found the info on Wipedia but there´s nothing about the cast on ANN page.

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